Borsi Records | Etichetta discografica
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About us

The record label Borsi Records was recently born in Modena, with the aim to produce and promote musical projects of new talents.

The twenty-year experience of the founder, has created a professional and competent group of work, which collaborates to the success of a concrete and forward-looking project.

We want to dedicate ourselves to Italian artists, performers and songwriters with extreme care; the label’s commitment is to help and support them while walking the steep streets leading to the realization of a project which is not only artistic, but also of life.

The Borsi Records stands out among the younger labels, since conscious that the realization of lasting artistic projects needs talent, innovation and quality. Valuing each individual artist, respecting the independence and involving him/her in decision-making processes, is the main goal of the label.

The label aims, overcoming the limits of the territory of origin, to make known its artists on a national and international level.


Davide Liperoti

David Liperoti is a young singer-songwriter from Modena who, after having worked for years with different local groups, has decided to try it as solo, and with a concrete and ambitious plan has published “Stato di Fermo”, the debut album from which the single “Timido” is extracted. The song, transmitted today by various radio stations, in just three months fits into the charts highlighting the quality of the artist and the originality of his music.